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    Wie kann ich meine professionellen Fotos speichern?

    To make it easier for you to have outstanding photographs for your listings, Airbnb provides professional photography services where they're available.

    After the professional photoshoot, we’ll upload the photographs directly to your listing and they’ll be visible to everyone on Airbnb. More info about what happens after your photoshoot.

    Save photos to your computer

    To save the professional photos to your computer:

    1. Go to your listings on airbnb.com and select a listing
    2. Click your cover photo to view all of your photos
    3. Scroll to Photos and click Edit
    4. Right-click a photo that you want to save, and then click Open image in new tab
    5. In the new tab, right-click the image and then click Save (to save high-resolution images, remove the “/im” after “.com” in the URL)

    We want you to enjoy and share your photos. However, they’re for your personal use only, and can't be used on another real estate or rental site.

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