Nauset Beach, a short walk down Beach RoadFront facing Nauset Heights Road
Contemporary luxury beach home near NAUSET BEACH
Contemporary luxury beach home near NAUSET BEACH
8 Gäste
4 Schlafzimmer
4 Betten
5,5 Bäder
8 Gäste
4 Schlafzimmer
4 Betten
5,5 Bäder
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Contemporary luxury vacation home on the corner of Nauset Heights Road and Beach Road, in East Orleans on Cape Cod, a short walk up Beach Road from Nauset Beach, which many people consider the best beach on Cape Cod. The Ships Knee's Inn B&B is directly across Nauset Heights Road from
my home.

Der Wohnraum

to my contemporary resort home overlooking Nauset Beach:
1 Nauset Heights Road, Corner of Nauset Heights Road and Beach Road
East Orleans, MA 02643
To make your stay here pleasant and care-free,
please review the information in this booklet. Enjoy!
Rental Agent: Dona Pike, Pike Properties, Box 2743, 8 Main Street, Orleans, MA 02653, Phone: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN).Email: (EMAIL HIDDEN)
Cape Cod Hospital: 27 Park Street, Hyannis, MA, Ph: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)
Air Conditioning: There are wall air conditioning units on the walls of the living room, the master bedroom and the 1st floor bedroom, with remote controls. They should keep the living room, dining room, kitchen and the 1st floor bedroom and the master bedroom comfortable. If these
wall units will not operate, check the circuit breaker (3 outside units, behind the outdoor shower) There are window air conditioning units in the 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor (during the hot/warm months). Please use them as needed, but please turn them off when not needed or when outside sliders, doors or windows are open. Please turn them all off when you leave.
Bicycle paths: There are extensive bicycle paths on the Cape. Bicycles can be rented at several places, including Orleans Cycle, 26 Main Street, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN). The bicycle path is across the street from Orleans Cycle. Beaches and beach stickers: Nauset Beach is a 5 minute walk down Beach Road. Skaket Beach and Rock Harbor are on Cape Cod Bay in Orleans and you should also check them out.
The water of the Cape Cod Bay is warmer than the water of Nauset Beach and when the tide is out on Cape Cod Bay you can walk out quite a distance from the shore. There are also beaches and many of the “Kettle Ponds” on Cape Cod.
Beach parking lot stickers are available at the Nauset Beach administration Bldg, 9 – 4 p.m. starting mid June. Bring a copy of your rental
agreement and vehicle registration.
Another way to use Nauset Beach is to drive everyone down to the beach parking lot, unload the passengers and all of your “beach stuff,” drive back to 1 Nauset Heights Road and park the car in the driveway and then walk back to join the gang at the beach.
Cleaning: Please leave the house clean, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Please do not leave perishable food, but do leave the refrigerators turned on. If you want someone to clean for you while you are here, call Kate's Kapers, ((PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN), early in the week.
Closing up: Before you leave, please make sure all windows are closed, all window treatments are drawn, all doors, including the garage doors, are locked and the Air Conditioners and the ceiling fans are off. and check that the lever on the gas grill is vertical to the gas line. Please return all dishes, glasses, silverware, utensils, furniture, and other items to their original location. Off-season: Please turn the thermostats down to 55º and please turn-off the hot water switch that is on the side of the
hot water tank, in the furnace room.
There is a relay wireless transmitter beneath the desk in the dining room that should enable you to connect your laptop computer to the internet in most or perhaps all of the house. Comcast Internet, cable TV and phone, HP s5710f Desktop computer, with Windows 7, Word, Xcel & HP Officejet 6500A Plus 4 in 1, printer, copier, scanner & fax: As with everything else
in the house, you are welcome to use the desktop computer and the 4in 1 printer downstairs, respectfully and carefully. You do not need a password to log on. The Comcast broadband modem is also connected to a wireless router and the Wireless Range Expander under the desk in the dining room should enable you to log your laptop computer onto the Internet in most or perhaps all of the house.
Disposal and sink: I am sorry to say that there is no garbage disposal because there is no public sewer serving the house. I am advised that septic systems are not capable of handling garbage and that, therefore, garbage disposals are not legal in Orleans. So, please do not flush garbage down the sink or throw pads, tampons, diapers, wipes, Kleenex, paper towels, etc. down the toilets.
Unfortunately, coffee, tea and other liquids and foods tend to stain the kitchen sink, so please flush down the kitchen sink after pouring them into the sink. The booklet that came with the sink says do not use cleansers, but rather to use vinegar as a stain remover.
Drapes and window liners: The light-blocking liner behind the drapes in the master bedroom and the first floor bedroom reduce the early morning bright sunlight. I suggest that you close them and liner at night. When your stay is over, please leave all window treatments closed, especially in the bedrooms, because the intense morning sun on that side rots fabric quickly.
Driveways and Roads: The driveways are blue stone. Because the front driveway slopes toward the house the stones tend to migrate toward the house. To minimize this, I request that you park between Nauset Heights Road and the yard light pole or in the garage or the back driveway. For safety sake, please turn around in the back driveway so that you exit the back driveway facing Beach Road. Also, please look carefully for oncoming traffic before entering Beach Road and before you enter Nauset Heights Road. Please be sure that small children do not wander into either road.
East Orleans facilities: Within walking distance are the following: the East Orleans Post Office, ZIA’s restaurant, The Sundae School (ice cream), The
Nauset Beach Club (upscale), The Barley Neck Inn and Grill (more casual), the Nauset Farms and (has an excellent butcher and an excellent fish market). At Nauset Beach is Liam’s short order shack, with what I think are the world’s best French fried onion rings.
Electric & Hot Water: There are circuit breaker boxes in the furnace room and in the garage which should be checked in the case electric devices are not working. Also, some of the outlets have grounds between the receptacles, which must be pressed to restore power to them. Note,
the power for the retractable screen and the outlets on the lower deck are on the same circuit as the outside outlet between the garage doors. If the remote does not work for the retractable screen or the outlets on this circuit do not work restore power to the circuit by pressing the button
between the 2 receptacles on the outlet between the outside garage doors.
There is a switch on the side of the hot water tank, in the furnace room, downstairs, to turn the hot water on. When you arrive check to see if it is on and if not turn it on.
Cape Cod Hospital: 27 Park Street, Hyannis, MA, Ph: ((PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)

Manuals for some equipment are located in the vertical drawers to the left of the washer-dryer.
Please return all manuals to this location for future use. As a last resort, if you cannot reach
Fans: Please turn-off fans when not in the room and when leaving, except run the 2nd floor bathroom fan while showering and after, with the door closed, until the steam is all gone, to avoid setting off the alarm in the 2nd floor hall.
Fire Extinguishers: I have placed a fire extinguishers on top of the refrigerator, on a top shelf in the master bedroom closet closest to the stairs and on a top shelf above the basement wet-bar. Please keep them there and please do not let children play with them.
Floors: The floors are bamboo, except downstairs where they are oak. Although they are very hard, they can be scratched. Please do not walk on them with sandy shoes. I have tried to put adhesive pads on the bottom of furniture to minimize scratching, but in time the pads shift or
come off. Replacement adhesive pads are in a drawer in the kitchen and your replacing them would be greatly appreciated.
Garbage pick-up: During June-September garbage is picked up on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, if it is in closed, plastic bags, in the large garbage pails in the garage. They must be placed outside of the garage. They will pick up only two garbage pails; nothing that is outside the pails. Since pick-up can be early, the garbage pails should be placed outside the night before. Please be sure the garbage pails are tightly closed so that animals do not make a mess! Prior to June and after September, please leave garbage in bags in the garbage can or if it is full, next to it and I will take it to the Orleans town dump when I am next at 1 Nauset Heights. Note, a dump sticker is required to use the Orleans town dump. Please keep the property litter free.
Gas furnace and heat: I installed a new, high efficiency gas furnace in 2006 which will provide clean, reliable heating. There are thermostats in the basement, in the front hall on the first floor, in the hall on the second floor and in the master bedroom. Except in the summer, please set all
of them to 55 degrees when you leave.
Gas grill: The gas grill on the patio uses natural gas and has an automatic lighter, but you may have to use a match as it tends to be unreliable. You must be sure the lever on the gas line is parallel with the gas line to light the grill and please turn it vertical to the line after each use and check to see that it is vertical to the gas line before closing up.
Gas log fireplaces: There are gas log fireplaces in the living room, the master bedroom and the 1st floor bedroom. As of this writing, the remote does not work for the master bedroom fireplace and it can only be turned on by opening the bottom of the grill and using the remote switch inside
the grill. There are wall switches, but no remotes for 1st floor gas log fireplace and a switch just inside .
Guest book. Please leave a note regarding your stay in the guest book and a Review on Airbnb.
Hot Tub: The hot tub should be operational except during the winter months. If you have been to the beach and are sandy, please use the outdoor shower before getting into the hot tub. The hot tub is regularly serviced by a pool company to keep the chemicals in proper balance. Please do not put chemicals into the pool yourself. For their safety, please have a responsible person with young children when they are in the pool and please keep the hot tub sanitary.
No animals please: Please make other arrangement for your dogs, cats and other pets.
No smoking please: Thank you for NOT smoking. If you do smoke outside, please pick-up and properly dispose of all butts, matches and packaging, etc..
Off-Season rentals: As I keep the heat on at 1 Nauset Height all year, it is available for rental all year, at reduced rates during the off-season. In the off-season, guests may stay less than a week and do not have to rent from Saturday to Saturday. I would be pleased to have you as my guest
during the off-season. September is often the best month on the Cape, because the weather and water are still warm and the summer crowds are gone. October, April, May and June and the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays are all delightful times at the Cape.
Orleans shopping: The Christmas Tree Shop, Route 6A, near the end of Route 28, Orleans,
(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) (all kinds of discounted goods, “Don’t You Just Love A Bargain”) Friends Marketplace,
57 Main St., Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN); The Liquor Loft, Route 6A, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN), Stop & Shop
Supermarket, Cranberry Cove Plaza, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN), Shaws Market, Skaket Plaza, 6A,
Orleans, Snows Home & Garden, 22 Main St., Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN), TJ Maxx, Cranberry Cove
Plaza, Orleans, TruValue Hardware, Route 28, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN).
Orleans restaurants I like: The Old Jailhouse, 20 West Road, Orleans, 255-JAIL ((PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN))
(no reservations, casual); The Lobster Claw, Route 6A, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) (family dining), The
Academy Ocean Grille, 2 Academy Place, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN), (upscale); Mahoney’s Atlantic
Bar & Grill, 28 Main St., Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN); The Beacon Room, 23 West Road, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN); The Captain Linnell House, Skaket Beach Road, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) (very upscale).
Outdoor shower: When you return from thne beach, please rinse-off beach sand in the outdoor shower (because it clogs the bath/shower drains). Also, please use the outdoor shower to get the sand off before you use the Hot Tub. Be sure to turn-off the shower in the middle of the
unit and also turn off both the hot and the cold water at the bottom. If you do not pressure builds and after a while it vibrates and makes a racket.
Overflow: If on this or a future stay you have need for additional accommodations, I am sure that Peter and Denise Butcher would be more than happy to accommodate you, if they have vacant rooms, across the street at the Ship’s Knees Inn, ph(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) (EMAIL HIDDEN) (EMAIL HIDDEN) Please respect their property and privacy and that of their guests and that of my
other neighbors.
Owner’s “Closets:” During the summer months I keep the closet in the back of the garage locked for the sole use of the owner and I also reserve the “Attic,” which is behind the closet in the 2nd floor Queen Bed bedroom. I also may have some personal clothing in the closet downstairs in the hall between the bar and the garage and in the downstairs bathroom, in the medicine cabinet, vanity and/or closet.
Problems: Contact Dona Pike, Pike Properties ((PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN), or if she is not available, contact me at my above numbers or email address. Dona and I will do our best to address problems in as timely a manner as is possible. If immediate solutions cannot be provided, please be patient
and understanding.
Security system: The security system is there for intrusion protection when the property is vacant and for fire protection at all times. It should not be “armed” when you arrive, you and your family and guests should not touch it and it should still be “unarmed” when you leave. When it is
“disarmed” it still protects against fire and it still alerts occupants whenever doors are opened. If there is an alarm, there will be a call from the security center. In that case, and assuming that there is no fire, ask the caller to call the people on his/her list of people to call, for verification that you are legitimately there. East Orleans has always been a very safe neighborhood and I have never had any security problem over the 37 years that I have owned 1 Nauset Heights Road.

My security alarm installer believes that steam from the 2nd floor shower sets off the 2nd floor alarm and that to prevent doing so the fan should be run during showers and the door should remain closed with the fan running until all of the steam from the shower is
gone. So, please run the fan during showers and keep the door closed and the fan on until the steam is all gone. (The fan switch is the right switch between the 2 towel rods.)
Skylights: There are key pads just inside the doorway of the master bedroom and in the 2nd floor hall to open and close the skylights. They are supposed to close automatically if it rains.
Sliding screens and doors: To open the new sliding screens to the decks raise the lever at the lock and push the release on the post near the floor behind the pane with your foot (or hand), before attempting to slide them. To reset the floor release, press down on the top of it with your
foot (or hand). Please be careful not to walk through the screens. Please check to see that the doors are locked when no one is going to be in the house and when your stay is over. If the remote (white & blue) doesn’t work for the retractable screen on the lower deck, see Electric
Stereo: You are welcome to use the stereo equipment and the CDs and tapes in the front closet, returning CDs and tapes to their boxes and their racks. The stereo is connected to speakers and controls through all floors, except the second floor. There are remote controls for the stereo
system which should be kept in the living room/dining room, the 1st floor bedroom and the master bedroom, respectively. There is a very small green light that lights up on the wall controls when a speaker is turned on. Different rooms can listen to different channels. As with everything in the
house, please treat the stereo equipment with care and respect.
Supplies: Soap, paper towels and toilet paper are under the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms, in the kitchen cabinets above the stove and refrigerator and in the closet in the laundry/power room and in the closet in the downstairs bathroom.
Telephone: The telephone number here is (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN). (For some reason you have to dial the area code (1-774) even for local calls.) Hyannis, Provincetown and other places on the Cape and in Massachusetts are long distance.
The Town of Orleans: See the town website: (URL HIDDEN) See also the Orleans Chamber of Commerce Website: (URL HIDDEN)
Wine and spirits: You are welcome to use the wine cooler and the refrigerator beneath the bar downstairs. There is also a hanging receptacle for a wine or other beverage bottle in the refrigerator in the kitchen. I would prefer that you supply your own wine and spirits, but if you run short, you may borrow some of my supply, provided that before leaving you replace it with the same quantity and brand, or if that is not possible, with a comparable quality. There are several
places to purchase wine in Orleans, including Friends Marketplace, 57 Main Street, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) and The Liquor Loft, Route 6A, Orleans, (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN), which also has a wide variety of other spirits.
Conclusion: I hope that all of my guests will enjoy 1 Nauset Heights as much as I do and I look forward to your coming back in the future.
Joe B. Munk,

Zugang für Gäste

There is a ramp from the front driveway to the front porch. The front entrance is 1 step up from the front porch. The First Floor, dining area, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and First Floor Bedroom are all accessible by wheel chair. However, the living room is up 3 steps from the front entrance hallway.

Familien- / kinderfreundlich

Schlafzimmer 1
1 Doppelbett (1,80 × 2 m), 1 Schlafcouch
Schlafzimmer 2
1 Doppelbett (1,80 × 2 m)
Schlafzimmer 3
1 Doppelbett (mind. 1,50 x 2 m)
Schlafzimmer 4
2 Einzelbetten
Gemeinsam genutzte Räume
1 Schlafcouch, 2 Sofas

Rauchen verboten
Nicht für Haustiere geeignet
Keine Partys oder Veranstaltungen
Der Check-in ist jederzeit nach 15:00

Rentals in July and August are by the week only, beginning on Saturday
afternoon and ending on the following Saturday morning. My home is
available all year around for lesser periods of time and at lesser rates.


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