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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen für Geschäfte

“Charming and warm local market, with every kind of traditional food you might wish to buy. Definitely worthy a walk inside it and of course a tasting! ”
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“One of the best gelateria in Bologna.The owner Marina in 1994 opening the shop has changed in better the bolognese ice cream taste !!Dark chocolate Top!!!!”
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“Tamburini is an institution in town. A self-service place where you'll eat really good pasta and meat under big steel's hooks used in the past to hang hams and sausages. ”
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“Definitely the prettiest ice cream shop I know. Also one of the best ice cream shops in town: great on the way to the park”
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“Among the best Italian ice cream!! You can enjoy high quality ice cream and desserts. Super recommended!!”
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Sonstiges Nachtleben
“This is my favourite restaurant inside "Mercato Delle Erbe". Young vibes next to the historical market of Bologna. Not many tourists here, you have to go for a lunch with locals!”
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“One of the best Gelato you have ever had in your life 🍦🍦🍦🍦 Suggest you to go for a walk and enjoy this fabulous gelato!”
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“Il Teatro Duse è uno dei più antichi teatri di Bologna. È per tradizione il teatro di prosa della città.”
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“Brunch, sweets, sometimes live music, in a country-chic space, wooden forniture, garden and toyshop”
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“A lovely independent, alternative bookstore. You don't have to know a word of Italian to enjoy going there and flip through the books - though they do have some in English.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Supermercato molto ben fornito aperto tutti i giorni dalle 8 fino alle 21.00. Apre anche la domenica dalle 9 alle 20,00”
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“Gelateria e bar, si trova verso la fine di via San Vitale. gelati dai gusti raffinati. Ice cream shop and bar, located near the end of via San Vitale. ice creams with refined tastes. Ice cream shop and bar, located near the end of via San Vitale. ice creams with refined tastes.”
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“Excellent quality ice cream made using ingredients from fair trade. Organic ingredients are also employed for some flavours.”
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“Vasta struttura che offre un supermercato con ottimi prodotti e prezzi, farmacia, bar, ufficio postale, profumeria.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“supermercato che segnalo per l'orario di apertura dalle 7.30 al'1 di notte 7 giorni/7 supermarket that I report for the opening hours from 7.30 am to 1 am 7 days / 7”
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“place of great charm in the old local market of the city, you can have an happy hour into the story”
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