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Best things to do in Brüssel

“The nearest Cinema ! 20 min walk from the flat or 7 min in TRAM (stop at Louise)”
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“A cinema in the Congolese area of Bxl with very rare and high quality movies.”
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“Best alternative cinema in Belgium, great underground bar and great parties!”
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“Alternative music lovers, this is THE place to be if you want to listen to weird music, enjoy free concerts and drink beers 'til the end of the night ! ”
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Cultural Center
“Here is the closer cinema you will find from this Airbnb. It's not only a cinema, it's also a cultural center where you can find a lot of activities.”
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“One of the nicest art house cinemas in town located next to the Grand Place in Gallery Royal ”
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“Un petit centre culturel qui propose une diversité de produits culturels très sympathiques...”
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“Big cinema in the centre of Brussels. It screens all the blockbuster movies. Cinema auditorium 7 is a very big restored old theater.”
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“not so far from our place. you 'll find there, a cinema, zara, H&M, all kind of shops”
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“With the northern sea for last remote land, And waves of dunes to stop the waves, With an eastern wind listend to it hold...The flat land that is mine !”
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“If you want to relax in front of a nice movie, go to the Kinepolis cinema ! https://kinepolis.be/fr/”
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“Le cinéma Aventure au cœur des Galeries du centre vous ravira avec ses petites salles et son bar. Achat de tickets à prix réduits sur Arsene 50 : http://www.arsene50.be/fr. The Adventure cinema in the heart of the center's galleries will delight you with its small rooms and bar. Purchase tickets at discounted prices on Arsene 50 : http://www.arsene50.be/fr”
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“Pristine, white, cinema where you feel to be in the film a Clockwork Orange, more precisely in the Milk Bar. Very quiet cinema, newly started so does not attract too many people but leather seats AND you can take your glass of wine, beer, soft with you, in the glass!!! Lovely beer selection. Very trendy but needs to be discovered by more people!”
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