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Was du in Colorado Springs unternehmen kannst

Entdecke die Stadt aus der Perspektive von Einheimischen. Entdecke die schönsten Dinge, die man unternehmen kann, sowie die besten Restaurants, und erhalte unbezahlbare Ratschläge von den Menschen, die hier leben.

“Amazingly beautiful! You can just drive through, find a bike trail or hike! Spend the entire day here! ”
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“Only zoo I have ever been to that does not feel touristy, nestled in the side of the mountain, great size, fun for all ages and amazing views of Colorado Springs.”
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“Red Rock Canyon has a variety of hiking options available for a range of abilities! There are easy hikes suitable for families to walk through in the Open Space. Our favorite is to hike within the Section 16 area - the trailhead is in a different location, so if you'd like to explore these moderate hikes you'll want to search for "Red Rocks Section 16" in your maps!”
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“Make sure to take the elevator up to enjoy the falls from a distance. For those adventurous, try out the zip-lining!”
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“One of nature's wonders, it's a must see while in Colorado Springs. We highly recommend going by bike or vintage scooter as parking is a challenge during the Summer months. You can rent a low-power scooter from Vintage Scooter Adventures which is located at The Garden of the Gods Trading Post, 324 Beckers Lane, Manitou Springs, CO. Fun times, great rates, wonderful experience all around. Highly recommend!”
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“Historic, old Colorado City-quaint shops, restaurants, great Ethiopian and BBQ restaurants here.”
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“This is an authentic Native American Cliff dwelling! You can climb around and explore inside and outside of the dwellings. They even have descriptions for what they think the living areas were used. And a ginormous gift shop with a couple of very interesting museum areas. ”
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Neue amerikanische Küche
“Get here early! This is a favorite place and has a full menu until 1:30 AM. A cool vibe, great food and fantastic service. ”
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“Some of the history will amaze you...worth spending at least and hour here. And it's free!”
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“Welcome to Olympic City USA! Colorado Springs is home to 1 of the 3 Olympic Training Centers in the United States. They provide very informative daily tours of there training facilities. This is one of my favorite local sights.”
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“One of Colorado's most beautiful spots. This historic hotel offers everything from the most fine dining, to a simple stroll around the lake (which you can do for free.) No matter the season, The Broadmoor has something special to offer. Pop in for a walk, or stay a while for dinner. Either way, it's worth a trip!”
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“A small yet mesmerizing art gallery featuring rotating exhibits as well as in house exhibits. Check their website for free days each month!”
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“Sunday brunch is AMAZING! You will need to make a reservation! Find an evening to walk around their lake in the back. ”
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“This is a school converted into a community hot spot. They often have neat events, live music and art exhibits. You can have a meal there and it's a great place to grab a drink. It's about 15-20 min southern end of the city.”
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“Outdoor shopping area,: Lululemon, Anthropologie, Apple, Athleta, Banaana Republic, Modern Market and multiple restaurants / shops. ”
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“Catch a football game here if you are visiting in the fall! I love the fighter jet fly-bys!”
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