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Best things to do in Córdoba

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“Stunning world heritage site and is a must see when in Spain. The views from the bell tower are well worth the climb and the shady orange grove is a breath of fresh air.”
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“Erected by Alfonso XI. in 1328, the Fortress of the Christian Monarchs is one of the most impressive references of that time. The fortress is a former royal palace and includes some of the most beautiful gardens one can imagine. The first fortress is of Arabian kind and dates from the 8th century. It is the place where monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand received America’s discoverer Christopher Columbus.”
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“nice music, lights, huka and cocktails, ambience, and view of the Roman Bridge.”
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“This museum displays a large figure of paintings of Julio Romero de Torres, who was a native of Cordoba and is regarded one of the greatest painters of Spain.”
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“Mercado gourmet con mucha variedad de comida y amplio horario de servicio. Gourmet market with several options for meals and informal dinners with a wide opening hours”
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History Museum
“The Museum of Archaeology (Museo Arqueológico) features treasures from Cordoba’s rich cultural heritage, including prehistoric crafts, Roman statues and mosaics, as well as artifacts of Roman, Iberian, and Visigothic origin. The museum’s upper floor is devoted to Moorish culture and history. One of the most impressive exhibits is a bronze deer statue which was found during the excavation of the former palace city of Medina Azahara. A must-see is​ the remains of a Roman theater which are integrated in the Renaissance museum building. ”
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“There are many palaces, but no one like Viana in Cordoba. Because in Viana, behind the restained white walls, just dotted with open spaces that leave us guessing the interior, it is concrete, as in any other building in Cordoba and Andalusia, the delight of the patios, these spaces made of air in which the architecture is at the service of the garden; where a tribute is paid to plants, flowers, light and water. In the courtyard of the Palacio de Viana in Cordoba, art leaves the pedestal to materialize in the simple and affordable experience to smell, see and feel it alive.”
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Spanisches Restaurant
“Century old restaurant with lots of history behind. Excellent tapas and mains”
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“Plaza de la Corredera, or Corredera Square, is one of the most magnificent venues in town. This large rectangular features an architecture unparalleled in all Andalusia. It is a famous spot with locals and tourists who enjoy spending​ time on one of the open air terraces there.”
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Spanisches Restaurant
“Taberna tradicional cordobesa donde se degustar una amplia carta de platos tradicionales. **** Traditional Cordoban bar where you can taste a whide range of typical dishes.”
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“It used to be a bullring ring in the olden days, one of the few square ones there exists, is more like a ´bullrectangle´ really. Antiques and brick bracks in the morning and best churros in town”
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“Taken by the cats, this old roman temple shows you the edge of the Roman city. There are guided tours on the temple. Follow Calle San Fernando which was the Eastern Wall. ”
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“This square got its name from a font which was built in 1577. This fountain is topped by a filly, so the folks henceforth named the square as “square of the filly”. It is one of the more significant sites in town​ because the old Potro Inn (Posada del Potro) is situated there. The Potro Inn was already mentioned in Miguel de Cervantes’ “Don Quixote”. ”
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Spanisches Restaurant
“Restaurante de nivel en pleno barrio judería a precio correcto. Todo muy bueno con platos típicos andaluces. **** Great quality restaurant in the heart of the Jewish neighborhood (the historical center). Everything is really good, with traditional Andalusian dishes.”
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Point of Interest
“Situated between the old Jewish quarter and the new modern central district, this square is a popular meeting point and a place where people like to stay for awhile and have a drink or dinner. The site is dominated by a large equestrian statue of Gran Capitan.”
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“Besides making excellent juices and healthy snacks it is a popular place at night for drinks with a laid back attitude. ”
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