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Best things to do in Fresno

“River Park is an outdoor shopping center in Fresno, California on the east side of Blackstone Avenue”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“This historic underground garden is a destination in Fresno and a one of a kind discovery!”
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“This zoo is about 40 minutes away in Fresno and is just off of Highway 99. I great local zoo.”
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“Tower District is one of the few spots in Fresno where youll find life during the day or night. ”
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“Large and sprawling park with a Fenced Dog Park, Picnic Tables/BBQ, Disc Golf Course, Jogging/Horseback Riding Trails, San Joaquin River Access, and Bird Watching.”
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“The food here is decent the beer is good. A diverse menu that should make everyone happy.”
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“Whole Foods, dress shops, shoe shops, CVS drug store, lots of interesting shops and food places.”
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Home Goods Store
“Cool garden turned hip food truck and beer garden scene on Thursdays - Fridays nights. Live music and walkable from the barn.”
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“Roger Rocka's and the nearby Second Space have been entertaining audiences with theatrical productions for decades.”
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“One of Fresno's iconic restaurants and bars, Veni's is a few blocks away -- a walk that will parade you along Olive Avenue through Tower District nightlife at full pitch. Reservations encouraged for dinner, and look out for famously great drinks and live music as nights get later. Head to the famously hip patio or order a delicious drink, such as the Fresno-essential Stockholm Royale.”
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“My very favorite watering hole. A micro brewery and a live music venue featuring a pirate ship, and they allow dogs! Super fun, with a patio and food trucks every weekend.”
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“Gourmet ice cream par excellence is a lovely 15 minute away. Be prepared for lines out the door, and be prepared to taste why. They stay open until 11 and they stay busy all the way through.”
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“Old Town Clovis has a wonderful selection of antique and collectible stores.”
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“Best Mall in Fresno with popular shopping spots like Macy's, Forever 21, Apple, and Sephora.”
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“One of the San Joaquin Valley's premier fine arts institutions is just a couple miles away.”
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“One of my favorite coffee places. Nice atmosphere and yummy Kuppa joy mocha.”
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