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Best things to do in Guadalajara

“Beautiful Park with a Japanese garden, a hiking trail and th elargest forest inside the city. Iconic setting”
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“This is the most iconic construction in Guadalajara, it was an orphanage long ago but now it is a museum where murals of Clemente Orozco are exhibited permanently. They also organize cultural concerts and ballet performances and there are always expositions a paintings, photographs and artesanias.”
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“Downtown Guadalajara only 15 miles away!! Over 150 years of Mexico Culture is waiting for your to experience. ”
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“A gothic Church just ten minutes walking form de apartment. The architecture and interiors are amazing and life outside of the temple is really entertaining. Lots of food stands and handcrafts.”
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Convention Center
“Expo Guadalajara is where all the big conventions take place. Their is an expo convention almost every week here with lots to see and enjoy.”
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“Excellent burgers. Nice location which is pet friendly and located near Chapultepec where you can walk around. ”
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“You can't miss the Teatro Degollado, if not to attend to one of its performances, the great architecture is a must in Guadalajara.”
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Flea Market
“A space with broad median strips, planters, fountains and monuments that lends itself to walking, cycling and visiting art galleries and exhibitions along this elegant space. Sometimes there are various cultural activities including concerts, dance exhibitions and films”
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“A cool place whit a lot of restaurants , you can choose what you want to eat of all the restaurants . You alo have desserts and coffee , and the famouse mexican Aguas frescas (a fruit drink). The wenesday is jazz night. ”
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“This is a very big and iconic market in Guadalajara, They have 3 levels where you can find many typical artesanias and dulces (sweets), clothing and food, which I would warn you to be carefull because restaurants inside can be not very clean (There, warning made), but it is a great place to visit and know for it holds a very strong bond to typical mexican sweet gastronomy (this one is clean and very safe, it is in the ground floor) and souveniers.”
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“food court, many stores , cinema and more! zona para comer, cines , tiendas departamentales, y mas.”
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“Nice medium park perfect for a morning run or to go visit the japanese garden”
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“Very nice free entrance museum which shows modern art exhibitions. Very interesting place to visit.”
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“A place that you cannot miss in your visit to Guadalajara. It is one of the nicest and biggest zoos en Mexico with lots of interactive experiences like feeding the giraffes in the safari or swim with sharks.”
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“This is a fun place if you have kids. Big modern museum where you can interact with some of the animals. Fun place for a rainy day.”
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“Nice terrace, a little crowed and overpriced for the originality of its menu”
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