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Essen und Restaurants in Palatine Hill

Erstklassige Restaurants

“Assolutamente una visita da non perdere, possibilità anche di visite notturne. A soli 15 min a piedi. Absolutely a visit not to be missed, possibility also of night visits. Only 15 minutes on foot.”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“A popular and very busy restaurant, reservations is recommended. Excellent food. ”
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“Im Sommer sind oft viele Menschen hier. Hier kann man Grattaceccha essen und etwas die frischere Luft geniessen.”
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“open till late at night , ideal for big group of persons. It is where local people are going to eat a super good pizza .”
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“The Roscioli selections Roscioli is a name encompassing many culinary facets, in one operation. The Ristorante, the Salumeria, the Antico Forno, the Caffè Pasticceria, the Rimessa, and the Wine Club. All places of taste, skillfully managed and coordinated, where you can find the best of Roman, Italian, and international production, selected with great skill and passion over the years. The Roscioli family Roscioli is a family that, for four generations, has worked in the world of hospitality, food, and wine. It all started with the bakery on Via dei Chiavari. Then our set-up developed with the grocer on Via Giubbonari, which we now know as Ristorante Salumeria Roscioli. Antico Forno Roscioli is one of the historic brands of Rome; certificates have been recovered that attest to its presence in the Regola district since the first half of the 1800s. A papal edict arranged for the establishment of a bakery that would sell bread at affordable prices to people with limited financial ability right on Via dei Chiavari, and the Vatican census dated August 17th, 1824 confirms it all. Roscioli today Roscioli today is still a family: Alessandro and Pierluigi, two brothers who carry on the tradition, not allowing it to disappear as a custom of the past, but keeping it with the times, anticipating today’s food and wine needs, and focusing, with great passion, on the high quality of their selections.”
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Roman Restaurant
“Fabulous restaurant because the quality and taste are great. There is a long line before it opened and a long line after. Be patient!”
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“Cult and popular wine bar. Food is average. Wine is good, but as it’s constantly packed with people, you have to wait for a table or for your order to arrive… Nonetheless a typical loudy roman bar, to discover! Prices: 5,00/15,00€”
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“International nightclub with 3 different rooms: hip hop, Electronic, and top 40. Something for everyone!”
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“International nightclub with 3 different rooms: hip hop, Electronic, and top 40. Something for everyone!”
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“After visiting Colosseum you need a rest! Best food in a quite side street facing the Divo Claudio Temple ruins!”
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“Neuralgic place in the neighborhood, international style, good service, sometimes crowded! Excellent for all needs at any time: both for the rich breakfast and a good coffee at all hours, including aperitif lunch and dinner!”
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“This place is more of a modern café than anything else in Trastevere. Giselda is the closest you'll get to a London or new york coffee shop, with ample seating, relaxed vibe and great food”
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“Great location thanks to a breathtaking view of the Colosseum, it offers snacks and cocktails”
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“Popular place for aperitivo. Young people and tourists love this spot as you can drink a fair Aperol or a glass of wine, while having a chat and eating a choice of rice, bread, couscous, veggie dishes right from the buffet table. Prices: 10,00/15,00€”
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“Excellent Sicilian sweets, they have cassatas, almond cookies and they will make cannolis for you with your favorite ingredients. Also ice cream and coffee bar. ”
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“The local café from 6 am till late after dinner..Sit by their large windows and try fresh croissant, coffees and vegan cappuccino, tasty sandwiches, and a wide selection of finger food and cocktails”
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“The bakery is mostly visited by italians living nearby and has many different dishes that recall italian tradition. For quick lunch or aperitivo this is the right place for you.”
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“The Pizza the bread the coffe' are the best in Rome. In our Square, Via del pellegrino. ”
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“One of the best pasticceria in Rome. I would try the maritozzo con la panna ^_^ Not expensive.”
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“One of Rome's top bakeries, much loved by lunching locals who crowd here for delicious sliced pizza, pastries and supplì (risotto balls) Prices: 5,00/15,00€”
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“Roscioli is a traditional italian bakery with multiple stores around the city. You can find delicious traditional italian take-away food, hot bread directly from the oven, pasta, vegetables and much more.”
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“Very nice place, perfect for those who love both sweet and savory breakfast. Here you can please everyone: a wide range of confectionery and bakery products, pizzas and bread of all kinds. Also good for lunch”
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“The true sense of tradition. Croissants, jewish pizza and biscuits made with honey and dried fruit and irreproducible (elsewhere) tarts with ricotta cheese and sour cherries or chocolate. The smells from this historic oven inebriate the streets of the Jewish quarter. ”
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“For a very special occasion, this high-end restaurant (with its own bakery and delicatessen store) is the perfect place.”
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