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Vom Sightseeing bis hin zu versteckten Juwelen: Finde mit der Hilfe von erfahrenen Einheimischen heraus, was die Stadt einzigartig macht.

“Tolle Einkaufsstadt mit vielen sehr schönen kleinen und grossen Geschäften... Lucca ist auf jeden Fall ein muss...sowohl als Shopping Ziel als auch kulturell...es gibt viel zu sehen und zu erleben”
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Administrative Area Level 3
“Beautiful discos and famous restaurants for every taste, at night; Fashion and sea for daytime.”
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Historische Stätte
“There is no need to go far to stay in the nature. Just take the first path you find and enjoy the Walls, walking,m running or riding a bike. ”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“This is the only tower with trees on top. Even only for this reason you should climb it up to the top. Great view over the city and its roofs.”
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“great vintage atmosphere. Unique place. It is possible also to have a dinner. Located in front of the beach of Forte dei Marmi, La Capannina has been since more than 50 years the most glamour location in the area.”
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Amusement Park
“The Pinocchio Park is a memorial park of the famous fairy tale and is located in Collodi, part of the municipality of Pescia (PT), around 50 km east of Viareggio. You can get there by car or bus. Collodi is the town where Carlo Lorenzini, the author of the Adventures of Pinocchio, spent his childhood and from which he later took his pseudonym. The park is conceived as a theme park for childhood education, it is not the usual amusement park, but rather a place where one has the feeling of retracing a living fairy tale within a path marked by a combination of art and nature. Near the entrance is the sculpture of Emilio Greco of Pinocchio and the Fata, near a flowerbed arranged to draw the effigy of the famous puppet. An area follows with a small theater and a refreshment area. The Piazzetta of mosaics preserves the mosaics of Venturino Venturi. Following the "Village of Pinocchio" and the various sculptures, made by Pietro Consagra (the Carabiniere, the Gatto and the Volpe and the Serpente), Marco Zanuso and Augusto (Bobo) Piccoli (the Grande Pescecane).”
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Administrative Area Level 3
“Viareggio is a beautiful place in Versilia, primarily known for the carnival and for the sea.”
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“Located in the hearth of the historic center, this unique square is certainly one of the most attractive sites in Lucca. Preserved as an open, oval piazza, its name comes from the original 2nd century Roman amphitheater on the remains of which it was created.”
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Historische Stätte
“There is a fabulous selection of smaller and more individual shops on this main shopping street in Lucca. Half price sales are on in Late July, and early January. ”
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“In Collodi, a small town about half an hour away from Lucca, you can visit the very original Pinocchio Park dedicated to the famous long-nosed marionette. The park is set up completely outdoors. Walking inside the large garden, surrounded by the well-cared after vegetation, you’ll find all the main protagonists of the story: Pinocchio, the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, the Cat and the Fox and many other characters from the novel virtually accompany visitors and remind them some of the most relevant passages of the book. ”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“It is a very good restaurant , they have many traditional dishes, the service is good and prices are in line with the quality of food. it is not a trattoria!!”
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“Das historische Stadtzentrum, umgeben von der Stadtmauer aus der Renaissance, ist ein Bijou zum Verweilen, Flanieren, Essen und Trinken und Einkaufen toskanischer Spezialitäten!”
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“There is a specific point....if you stay exactly there...you can see a shining............ (we cannot say everything in advance :-))”
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“Massaciuccoli is Tuscany's largest lake. Think birdwatching, nature, and beautiful views in a little corner of watery paradise. During the summer, Torre del Lago's famous Puccini Festival is held here on a beautiful open theatre built on the lake. Guided boat trips on the lake are available during the warm season.”
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“SAN MARTINO CATHEDRAL you have to visit it for its impressive beauty and historic value; in particular at the sunset it makes a magical atmosphere to catch in your pictures. Built in VI century it completely belongs to the romanic style and watching at it you can remember the hanging tower’s style in Pisa. Over the lunette at the door you can admire a low relief about San Regolo’s martyrdom. Inside there’s the important monument to Ilaria del Carretto from Jacopo Della Quercia in 1374. ”
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“La Pitorina is just 20 minutes drive from Lucca where you can have fun at the incredible Lucca Comics and Games: the most exciting event in Europe regarding comics, cartoons, role games and board games, videogame and fantasy.”
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