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Best things to do in Den Haag

“be sure to get an online discount. It's rather small but ok for a rainy day”
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“Probably the best street in The Hague for upmarket shops, the royal palace is also located here as are a number of small restaurants. ”
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“A must for Petrolheads. The largest Private Collection of classic cars. Only 30 car minutes from Lisse.”
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“the most famous and great Beach in the Netherlands, Swim, Relax, and eat green Fish and Seafood”
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Hafen / Marina
“boattrip in the canals.book in advance and make sure the guide speaks english or german. now you can see the hague from the water”
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“Without a doubt, the best view in town from this bar! The Hague Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the city, and the view from the bar at the top is amazing - during the day, and at night. Its about a 5 minute walk from the house and well worth a visit if you have time. BUT - it became so popular, that too many people were using coming up just to see the view....and not using the bar. So now, they charge an entrance fee - and it's not cheap. Last time we were there, it was about 7 or 8 euros each - but, you do get a free drink at the bar when you do make it to the top!! PS - If you look carefully, you can see the top and back of our house from the bar :) https://www.thepenthouse.nl/the-penthouse/skybar/”
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“ Very lively and international. On nice days you will find big families having lunch here.”
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“One of the two main trainstations connecting you with the rest of the country. Check https://9292.nl/en to plan your trip”
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“Go back in time when Schevningen was still a small fishertown.. Great maritiem paintings”
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“Lange Voorhout, one of the most famous streets of The Hague. The street is full of art by artists from all over the world. On the Lange Voorhout you can also find some monuments and museums, like the Monument of Saxen Weimer.”
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“The Haagse Bos ('The Hague Forest') is the place for a peaceful walk. You'll find palace Huis Ten Bosch at the end of the forest.”
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“In het centrum , shopping street connected to other shopping street like Spui.”
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“Nice for walks, these woods seperate the northern and southern part of the city. Start from Koekamp, cross the A12 motorway and walk or bike all the way to the Royal Palace.”
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“for those who like to take a winning chance....don't forget your passport...”
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“This is the peaceful alternative between Scheveningen and Kijkduin, located immediately behind the dunes and for anyone who loves the sea and beach. ”
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