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Was du in Verona unternehmen kannst

Entdecke die Stadt aus der Perspektive von Einheimischen. Entdecke die schönsten Dinge, die man unternehmen kann, sowie die besten Restaurants, und erhalte unbezahlbare Ratschläge von den Menschen, die hier leben.

Historische Stätte
“Situated in Piazza Bra, the amphitheatre of Verona was built in the first half of the 1st century A.D. (between the end of Augustus‘ reign and the beginning of Claudius). After the Colisseum and the Capuan amphitheatre, the Arena is the third largest of its kind in Italy. Its elliptical shape enhances the acoustic quality of the performances and also allows seating-space for thousand of spectators.”
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“Visit the utmost famous balcony in the world, Juliet's. Don't forget to touch her breast for good luck and fortune.”
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“Scarpa was the architect that built this art museum with a very good art collection.”
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“Il Museo è un centro permanente di esposizione archeologica di Verona. Durante l'estate è utilizzato per rappresentare spettacoli musicali, teatrali e di danza The museum is the permanent center of Verona's archeological exhibition. During summertime we have the theatrical "veronese" summer festival going on with concerts, theater performances and ballet”
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Point of Interest
“On Piazza delle Erbe there is a daily market with stalls selling clothes and fruit and vegetables (Mon-Sat 0800-1800). On Saturday morning you’ll also find a huge flea market at the football stadium (0800-1400)”
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“That's a wonderful garden, very particular. You will enjoy a wonderful walk in the garden through hedges, cured trees and even a tiny labirint... You can also chill there on a bench under the trees”
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“The rests of Roman theater and Archaeological museum of roman art and architecture. There is beautiful view from the terrace of museum. In the summer there are different concerts and spectacles in the theater. Ticket € 4,50 Monday from 13.30 to 19.30 Tuesday - Sunday from 8.30 to 19.30 (last entrance 18.30)”
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“The Arena (I century A.C.) is the symbol of the city and from it starts the journey to discover Verona. In the beautiful Piazza Bra, it brings back to the past and all visitors can fall in its charm during the lyric shows. On the west side of the square you can see the “Portoni della Bra”, the entrance of the square, and the majestic Gran Guardia Palace. In the south there is the neo-classical Barbieri Palace, today base of the Municipality of the town. In the north part you can see the “Liston”, a series of restaurants for the Veronese walk, and the Honorij Guastaverza Palace. At the end of the Liston there is Via Mazzini, the most elegant and busy street of the city.”
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Outdoors & Recreation
“Via Mazzini is the main shopping avenue in Verona and many of Italy’s high street chains and big brand names have stores here. Via Mazzini can be found at the north end of Piazza Bra, and parallel to it runs the Corso Porta Borsari, which is also lined with fashion stores as well as a number of excellent shoe shops.”
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“Nuovissimo, moderno e molto fornito! Brand new, modern and very well supplied!”
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“L'unico ponte romano ancora esistente a Verona, l'altro dei due ponti più belli di Verona. The only one roman bridge still standing, the other of the two Verona's most wonderful bridges”
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“La chiesa del Santo Patrono della città, è uno dei più begli esempi di architettura romanica ancora esistenti in Italia (a pagamento). The Saint Patron's church is one of the most beautiful examples of romanesque style still standing in Italy (under payment)”
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“Il Complesso architettonico di Piazza Erbe e tutte le piazzette e cortili che ci sono intorno, il vero cuore antico della città The Architectural Complex of Piazza Erbe, with all the small squares and courtyeards that are in the surrounding, is the real ancient heart of the city”
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Point of Interest
“90+ meters high tower situated in the middle of the city centre, this is the best point of view for sightseeing. To reach its top you can choose between walking up the stairs or taking the elevator for an extra.”
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Historische Stätte
“Una complesso religioso nel cuore della città, la cappella interna vale una visita (a pagamento). A very beautiful religious complex in the middle of the city, the chapel inside is worthy a visit, it is the cathedral of Verona (under payment)”
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Historische Stätte
“Verona ist ca. 1 Stde. entfernt und wegen seinen berühmten "Opernfestspielen" weltweit bekannt! Aber es ist auch ein wunderschönes Städtchen, das man das ganze Jahr über gerne besucht.”
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