Die besten Kinos in Bakersfield

Lieblingsorte der Einheimischen

1. Maya Bakersfield 16
1000 California Ave
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Laut Gigi “Spacious theaters with leather reclining seats make Maya Cinema the best place to go for movies.” ·
2. Edwards Bakersfield Stadium 14
9000 Ming Avenue
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Liza And Mike
Laut Liza And Mike “Closest movie theater surrounded by shops and places to eat. ” ·
3. Studio Movie Grill Bakersfield
2733 Calloway Dr
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Laut Raymond “best theatre in bakersfield: reclinable seats, order anything from your seat, watch your favorite mo...”
4. fox theater
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Laut Barbara “Music, comedy, fun fun fun! When visiting Bako always check the Fox schedule!”
5. AMC Bakersfield 6
4200 California Ave
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Greg And Tamara
Laut Greg And Tamara “Big comfy recliners, good food, and you can reserve your seat online! We have great seats at lots of...”