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Rua Heliodoro Salgado

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Luis & Isabela
Luis & Isabela
December 17, 2017
Monte agudo view point, right at the top left side of our street is one of our ex-libris. It's one of the most quiet yet interesting viewpoints. It's definetly one of the most secret in Lisbon and most of the people who come here are actually locals who come to this place to enjoy a good drink in a…
January 4, 2013
Miradouro do Monte Agudo. Beautiful view over Lisbon!

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“Won the award for the best "Pastel de Nata". Also has a delicious "pastel de feijão" (bean sweet pastry)”
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“Tabanca. It's an old style portuguese Tavern, inconspicuous and non presumptuous, here you can have freshly cooked portuguese specialtys at lunch or a nice grilled fish for dinner. The atmosphere is variable, but you will notice some familiar old faces and white hairs if you come around frequently. The tap beer is one of my favourites in the neighbourhood. Mr Joaquim, the owner, only speaks portuguese but he can manage to comunicate through his menu wich is in english and french. If you ask him at the counter he can served you some traditional smoked meats and cheese with wich he makes wonderfull sandwiches. If you like a good match, champions league matches are frequently broadcast here.”
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“Damas is one of my favourite places to dance in Lisbon, it's actually a restaurante with a room for concerts and partys wich is always full on weekends after midnight. The atmosphere is a 50% blend of locals and foreigners, ready to dance after a good dinner. It might sound oldfashioned but believe me , it isn't. Here you can have from punk rock bands to poetry declamation, and you will always have a couple of Dj's playing all types of music. My favourite night's are when they invite underground dj's since they have a good criteria selecting theyr disc jockeys. Plus the croud is tendentiously made of people who like to relax and listen to the music or just have some wine and chat.”
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“Nice discovery by a family member of mine. Good decor, nice food. Panorama is amazing.”
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“Sou is a cultural association whose business focuses on training, creation and artistic programming. It's a place to listen to fantastic music, watch a movie or have a drink.”
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Lisbon, Lisbon 1170