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Now, you can share your space even when you're busy or away.

End-to-end services
from expert Hosts on

Hosting on Airbnb can be challenging if you're not on-site. Our selection of expert Hosts provide comprehensive management of your property, handling every step of the process with you, from welcoming guests to the cleaning & maintenance of your home. You can now get extra income effortlessly.

Hosting, simplified

You share your space and earn effortlessly

Whether you own a primary residence, a secondary home or a vacation rental, your partner will guide you through preparing your space to welcome guests.

You control your calendar and set your house rules.

You have access to a dashboard with your bookings, performance and revenues.

Your partner takes care of your home and guests

They ensure the space is ready before any guest’s arrival, by cleaning your home, usually providing soft linens, toiletry kits and fresh coffee.

They'll stay in touch with the guests for any request from check-in to checkout, and will provide them with the best local recommendations. You won’t need to be on-call.

Your home is professionally cleaned between stays and inspected to ensure everything is as you left it.

You get the support you need

You benefit from an expert listing creation with professional photography.

Your pricing is continually optimized in line with the season and local events.

You have protection for property damage up to $1 million through the Airbnb Host Guarantee.

Meet your
future partner

Local experts

They have a deep knowledge of their area. They are professionals living close-by, ready to jump in to take care of your space.

Trusted partners

They are selected for their expertise in short term and mid-term rental management. They have the experience and ability to ensure to ensure that your home and property are kept safe.

Exceptional hosting

They go above and beyond to give your guests an unforgettable experience. We consistently receive great feedback about their attention to detail.


“We probably wouldn’t host if we didn’t have Yvan”

Debbie and Bernie, Toronto

“What we like is the convenience and safety net it gives us. There's a lot that Yvan and his team takes care of that would be very difficult and time consuming for us.”

Simple steps to get

Find a partner near you

Give us some details about your space and get connected with one of our partners in your area.

Meet with your partner

Meet in-person with your local partner and once you’re ready, organize a photoshoot for your home.

Start hosting

Open your calendar for bookings, hand your keys and that's it—you're all set up to welcome your first guest.

Frequently asked questions

They are carefully hand-picked for their in-depth knowledge and experience in vacation rental management, as well as their ability to ensure the safety of your home and property.

You don’t need to empty your space in order to host – Airbnb makes sure travelers know that they are staying in someone’s home. You may want to store valuables in a secure place, such as a locked room, closet, safe, or storage facility. Ask your partner to help you figure out the best solution for your belongings.

Finding new and better ways to help our host community is a top priority. As we operate in select cities in France, Canada and Spain, we are seeking new local partners to help us bring hosting services to additional corners of the world. See more information here.

You are eligible to use the service if you have an entire home that you’d like to list, whether it’s a vacation rental or city apartment, located in one of the cities where a partner operates and if your property matches their local criteria.

When you get matched with a partner, you get to see the commission they take - usually around 20%. After each reservation, an amount corresponding to the revenue generated less partner commission and Airbnb host fees will be credited to your account directly.

Whenever a guest makes a reservation and stays at your place, you’re automatically covered by our Host Guarantee, which provides property damage coverage of up to $1,000,000 USD. If a claim needs to be filed, your hosting team can help you take care of it. Learn more about Airbnb’s Host Guarantee Learn more about Airbnb’s Host Guarantee Learn more about Airbnb’s Host Guarantee

Luckey, an Airbnb company, selects partners who provide end-to-end services - from creating your listing, to checking in your guests, to cleaning your home. The service is currently available in select cities in France, Canada and Spain.